Monday, May 29, 2017

Print Magazine


We are launching the first print version of the magazine Inventiva which will be launched in July 2017.

The magazine will have 200 Pages where 80 pages will be reserved for ad spaces, 80 Pages will be for stories and general content and 40 pages will be reserved for the Entreprenuers Interviews.

We are looking for the clients who are interested to provide their content & stories, ads and interviews for the first printed version of the magazine.

The magazine will be sent to 165+ government registered Incubation centers and 200+ shared and co-working spaces around India and 150+ Registered Venture Capital Firms on pan India basis.

Any one Interested to offer their content ad etc are most welcome and are requested to connect with us via email by replying to this email or at  info at inventiva dot co dot in and +91-8800302311. Do Visit our Website at


Nitin Naresh


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