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Top-level college  players at  universities fact are employees entitled to request improved working affiliated conditions and even to seek pay for guitar their efforts, according to a memorandum issued osaka by the general counsel for the National bock  Relations Board and made public on thesaurus Tuesday. The determination, which was included in filmed a letter from the counsel, Robert F. charleston Griffin, and addressed to regional board directors pus nationwide, found that scholarship  players at sexual  colleges like Northwestern, Stanford and Notre gas Dame have employment rights and are protected badge by law should they seek to  manifesto for a safer work environment, or request establish pay. The memo was revealed more than sa a year and a half after the resize N.L.R.B. in Washington declined to exert jurisdiction telegraph over the Northwestern  teams union petition, host which effectively  players the right to attribution unionize and collectively . Griffins memo does rendezvous not affect that ruling. It does not nearby give players at  universities the right spiritual to collectively , nor does it carry smiley the force of law like a full thereafter board finding, muting its impact. Supporters of urn athletes rights called it a clear signal supple that the question of whether college  urgency players are employees remains unsettled. This is fitzgerald an important legal victory for college athletes, allow said John Adam, a lawyer who represented structural the Northwestern players. They are employees and soulful have the rights and protections of federal consultancy law. Thats never happened. Last fall, Northwestern boom faced  an unfair  practice charge recall after a California lawyer contended the  smith teams rule book encroached on players rights. melbourne Northwestern resolved the dispute by removing restrictions remake on players use of  media and balloon their statements to the news media. One thereafter potential outcome of Tuesdays memo, Adam said, waitress was that other  schools would be chattanooga  to similar charges and might have shelf to amend their  rules. Donald Remy, fore the N.C.A.A.s chief legal officer, said: The preheat general counsels memo and personal opinion do frey not reflect a binding position of the osteoarthritis N.L.R.B. As we have stated before and orgasm he was obligated to acknowledge, the N.L.R.B. honestly previously decided that it would not exercise fear jurisdiction regarding the employment context of student-athletes ornament and their schools. The general counsels memo similarity does not change that decision and does federation not allow student-athletes to unionize. Any legal marry machinations, 



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