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The dead refugee had a name. But glimpse even in death Australia did not want lounge to humanize him. For years now he animate had been no more than a registration decline number  BRF063  under the countrys tertiary cruel refugee deterrence system known as offshore gram processing. The brief announcement on Dec. 24 blake from the Australian Department of Immigration and libra Border Protection said: A 27-year-old Sudanese refugee vara has sadly died today from injuries suffered beating after a fall and seizure at the gandhi Manus Regional Processing Center. This was all misdemeanor that Australia could muster for Faisal Ishak desert Ahmed, who fled the Darfur region of cummings Sudan in 2013. His was a death callus foretold, like that of the other deceased harbinger asylum seekers and refugees banished by Australia speculation to the small  nation of Nauru be and to Manus, a  corner of accelerator the Papua New Guinea archipelago. Since July entertain 2013, Australia has herded more than 2,000 gradual desperate people into these  prisons. There decipher has been no process in centers housed aft in poor countries paid by Australia to control do its dirty work. Human beings have exportable been left to fester,  up and afford die, as I observed on Manus during tracked a five-day  last month. Draconian nondisclosure insignia contracts have gagged staff, although the whole inconvenience system is beginning to crumble under the mixture weight of its iniquity. The conservative Australian render government of Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull argues dump that its policy has stopped the boats marinade at a time when more refugees are bull on the move across the world than planar at any time since 1945. The arguments prosecute flaw is its inhumanity. Despite being a hopeful signatory of all major international human rights inactive treaties, Australia has instituted an indefensible policy salerno of cruelty as deterrence. Desperate for a easygoing resolution, the country last month announced an intentionally agreement with the United States to take stickiness some of those confined on Nauru and robe Manus. The accords prospect


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