Thursday, December 29, 2016

Your credit card number could be stolen

The Banks, Visa, Mastercard and all the rest do NOT have your best interests at heart, in fact they're making it EASIER for thieves to steal your credit card number!...

But I have the perfect solution for you, and it's complimentary today if you'll just confirm your shipping address...

They claim that these newfangled "Chip" cards they've been shipping out are safer and more convenient, but they're lying...

If you have one of these cards (image below) in your wallet then I highly recommend you do 2 things.

First, get a FREE Card SafeGuard RFID Blocker right here, I had these specially manufactured for you and you can have one for free today. I just need you to confirm your shipping address here please.

This will keep your information safe.

Second, go ahead and write a letter to your credit card company and let them know just how displeased you are that they would literally FORCE you to use technology that's been proven to put you at risk of identity theft...

The bank won't admit it, but that little RFID chip in your card EXPOSES all of your private financial data to anyone who wants to pass a $25 scanner off Amazon or Android phone near your wallet or purse and steal all the information on your credit card.

Confirm your shipping address here please.

Stay safe,

Card SafeGuard

P.S. Visa, Mastercard, Discover and AMEX have shipped out over 300,000,000 of these dangerous chipped cards and they're not telling anyone the truth. Don't become a victim like so many already have, grab a free Card SafeGuard right now.

The product is free, all we ask is you assist with the small cost of shipping Confirm your shipping address here please.

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