Thursday, December 1, 2016

Abs After 40 is OPEN!

Hey , Mark here,

I want to tell you something that may be a shock to you...


This is my close friend Toby (he's 62...)


Toby1 1


When I started to get in shape with these workouts designed for men over 40, I started helping Toby do the same.


He didn't always look like that photo above, in fact he used to have a lot more belly fat.


When Toby and I started working out together, I knew that we had to pinpoint his issue, but he was too stubborn to go see the doctor. But I FINALLY convinced him to go get a check up.


And good thing I did, because we found something out that you won't believe during his visit.


And I'm not going to lie, it was downright shocking...


We found out that he had higher estrogens levels than his wife!


And that's not all... what's even more shocking was that Toby's doctor explained that it's actually very common for older guys to have more estrogen than their wives.


In fact an article in USA Today says that By midlife..., "a man may have far more estrogen than his postmenopausal wife... That's part of the reason why heavy-set men sometimes develop swollen breast tissue."


You should have seen our faces.


Considering that midlife starts at 40 years old...


It's no wonder why it was so hard for Toby, myself, and most men out there, to get in shape no matter how hard we tried to diet or workout.


Now if you're not familiar with estrogen... this is the dominant female hormone that gives women their features... such as curvy hips, breast, more fat storage and reduced muscularity. They call it the "Master Female Hormone."


Pretty much all the things that men don't want.


And we found out that one of the main reasons for this estrogen increase in older guys, is because of your body's deteriorating hormone production.


And to make it worst, this deterioration is also the reason why your testosterone levels are sinking lower every year.


That means as you get older, your testosterone decreases... and estrogen increases. Not okay.


But don't worry, I found that there are 3 things you can start to do instantly, to improve your male hormone production.


  1. Get rid of your belly fat. You see, belly fat can decrease testosterone and increase the amount of estrogen in your body. Here's how: belly fat produces a hormone called aromatase. And this hormone turns testosterone into estrogen... Talk about a double kill. However getting rid of belly fat is not that easy, since most men our age are suffering from low T and high estrogen. Because of this, getting rid of belly fat can be almost impossible with just normal diets and workouts.

  1. Make sure you eat more fatty foods.M As most men get older, we make an attempt to start eating a bit healthier. But one of the biggest eating mistakes we make, is by trying to cut fat out of our diets completely. And it's not your fault... I mean, it's hard not to when we see low fat labels promoted on almost everything at the supermarket. We can't help but to think it's the healthy way to go. However, what most men don't realize is that fat is vital in the production of testosterone in men. By decreasing fat from your diet, you're essentially decreasing testosterone... and in return, increasing the estrogen ratio in your body. Now I'm not saying that you should start chowing down on high fat foods like fried chicken or potato chips... You see there are certain good fats you need to eat more of and bad fats you need to avoid.  And if you're not sure what types of foods contain the fats you need...I've posted a free video that can help you out

  1. Avoid workouts that are not designed to balance your hormones. Just as I mentioned earlier, if you have low testosterone and or high estrogen levels... getting in shape can seem impossible. And remember, as you age your body's hormone production becomes less effective in balancing itself. And that's why us men gain more and more weight as we get older.  Now of course working out can be great to improve your hormonal system and get into shape... However, I'd say about 90+ percent of the workouts you see on tv, magazines, or at the gym do nothing for your hormones. In fact doing the wrong workouts can put more stress on your body which causes more weight gain.


In order for older men to get rid of their belly and get in shape, you must do a few things very differently in your workouts, than guys who are younger and not facing hormonal deterioration.


So if you've been working out, or putting in extra time at the gym... but not seeing the results you were expecting, you are probably doing your workouts incorrectly.


You need something that is designed with you in mind...Not these frilly women workouts or bulky bodybuilder workouts that are just putting strain on you.Watch this free video

and I'll explain and demonstrate what you must do to start getting the results you want in your very next workout.


Don't worry. It's not too late for you yet...




P.S. Make sure you watch this video

before you do another workout again. Did you know that cardio exercises such as the treadmill and the elliptical machine are proven to lower testosterone production? Do NOT step on one of these machines ever again.


P.P.S Toby wanted me to throw in a pic of him working out after he got his test levels back up...


Screen shot 2016 01 19  at 3.17.36 pm

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