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I gave this to my hubby, he did me real good for 1 hour

"It feels so good inside me", My man did this and I came in seconds

Listen, after my husband started doing this. I want his junk all the time now :) . 

I couldn't handle it, he was inside me only for 5 seconds and I came right there. I was shocked!

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I gave this to my hubby, he did me real good for 1 hour

"It feels so good inside me", Make him take this and you will cum in seconds

Listen, after my husband ate this. I want his junk all the time now :) . I couldn't handle it, he was inside me only for 5 seconds and I came right there. I was shocked!

Don't dump your husband.. Give this to him and watch his "tiny junk" grow from boring to crazy good!


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Where WWIII will start

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ewspaper The National reported Monday that tickets for the party, priced at 3,000 dirhams ($800) each, were being sold to global A-listers -- and that Lohan was one of the "confirmed names" on the guest list. The paper added that the glamorous affair was being organized by Dubai-based Global Event Management.Emirates 24/7 also reported Wednesday that Lohan was among the "VIP and celebrity attendees who will grace the occasion," among other actors and sports stars.Lohan was furious when she found out that her name was being used to promote the event, sources told TMZ.The troubled star, who recently posed nude for the cover of Playboy, could have commanded a six-figure sum for New Year's Eve appearances, according to TMZ. But she is still in the process of completing 480 hours of community service as part of her probation for stealing a necklace, as well as a 2007 DUI case, and wants to change her party-girl image to stay on the right side of her judge.Lohan's l

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since April.The trial started in August, with many in the country riveted by the sight of their ailing former ruler of nearly 30 years lying in a hospital bed inside the courtroom's cage, where defendants traditionally sit during trials in Egypt.During early sessions, the trial was bogged down by frequent commotion and arguments in the courtroom between the defense and the lawyers representing the protesters. It also became harder for media to cover the proceeding after the judge imposed a ban with high ranking Egyptian officials summoned to testify.In the last hearing in September, Field Marshal Hussein Tantawi, who heads Egypt's ruling military council that took power after Mubarak's fall, gave his testimony under a total media blackout.Journalists were barred from the court and forbidden to report any leaked details of Tantawi's testimony. Many believe Tantawi -- who was Mubarak's defense minister for two decades -- can address key question of whether Mubara

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mber, decides to go on a trip abroad to look at agricultural systems in other provinces. He thinks again of Kitty, and 

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unique from other states. The panel, elected by voters, is responsible for approving all state contracts over $10,000.After the group moved to stop federal funding for Planned Parenthood, the three council members who opposed the money filed a formal protest with the federal government saying its contract is void because it contravenes the state's sovereign authority.The council members aren't the only ones making that case. A state legislative committee convened last February to review participation in all federal grant-in-aid programs issued a report in November claiming that New Hampshire's sovereign authority is being undermined by the federal government.The panel's report to the state Legislature recommended eliminating pretty much all federal funding, including for education, nutritional programs, weatherization assistance, community policing, promotion of the arts and several other federal programs.Arguing that 30 percent of New Hampshire's operational bud

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