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more about aesthetics and less about freshness and flavor. I will admit I am a foodie fan, and I am all about celebrity chefs. I mean I was watching food shows before they were cool. I did no research about Mesa Grill before hand, so Dan and I literally stumbled on this place in a hunger stoop-per, I was about to pass out from hunger. We passed many eateries in Ceasers Palace, but when I looked at the menu, prices I said lets try it. I was glad to be immediately greeted and seated, so was Dan. We were starving! The waiter was educated and it was through him I found out I was in Bobby's place!! Burgers here are just aboslutley amazing. I really will say they have the best in the world. I mean it too. There are a lot of great awesome burgers, but Mesa is literally the best. I want one right now. My husband and I came here a few years ago, and decided to try it again to see if it was as good as we remembered. Verdict? It was even better! This is one of Bobby Flay's restaurants located inside Caesar's Palace, and man, he puts some awesome dishes on the menu! For all you carb fans, the bread basket here is fantastic! It's filled with jalape??o sourdough, cornbread muffins, and raisin bread. Many of the appetizers looked good, but after seeing the portions of other entr??es coming out, my husband and I thought we would try to save any extra room we had for dessert instead. The last time I came here, I ordered the cornmeal encrusted chili relleno, and though it was excellent (and the prettiest chili relleno I ever saw on a plate), I wanted to try something new this time. I opted for the mango spice encrusted tuna steak served on a bed of couscous with mango chunks and pine nuts. Holy deliciousness, Batman! The flavors of this dish just explode in your mouth! My husband ordered a veal chop, which was equivalent to the size of his head. No joke... check the pictures I posted. It came with a side of blue cheese smashed tamale, which was both interesting and tasty. What little room we saved for dessert, we decided to go with something seasonal... pumpkin! So we ordered a pumpkin tartlet topped with a scoop of pumpkin ice cream and a dulce de leche sauce. We were both happy we saved room for that. I would not hesitate to come here a third time after two wonderful dining experiences. Thanks, Bobby! Located in Caesar's Palace at the heart of the Strip, this is one of several restaurants owned by celebrity chef Bobby Flay and the only one in Las Vegas (as of July 2014). The dishes here have a Southwestern theme, but the flavors are richer than what many might associate with Southwestern cuisine. We made reservations for dinner, and between four entrees, four sides, and two appetizers, there was just one side (the double-baked potato) that our party of four considered less than superb. My very expensive steak was an outstanding cut and cooked to perfection. Our waiter was extremely knowledgeable about the menu, and he painted an excellent picture with his recommendations. He was also on top of refilling our water all evening, which after a day walking around in the Vegas heat was definitely appreciated. I did not find the atmosphere at all stuffy or snooty, nor is it particularly glamorous given its location, but make no mistake, this is still an upscale restaurant. Expect it to make a major dent in your wallet. On the other hand, no one in my party left feeling we had overpaid, which says a lot about the quality of the food and service. Mesa Grill is one of those places you eat at to enjoy a "dining experience," not just to grab a good bite to eat, so make it part of a special day or night in Las Vegas. It's certainly an experience I will never forget.

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waitress who was more than willing to offer suggestions that were quite reliable based upon the smiles on our faces by the end of the meal. When we asked about wine, she made some recommendations, but also she had their wine guy, Bernardo come over and greet us. He was fantastic. He spoke well and made great recommendations for a group of six with very distinct tastes. Our meals were served in a timely fashion. We were surprised that the items that were made medium rare were barely warm, but we figured that was part of the way food was served here. The flavors in each of our dishes were amazing. Nobody left disappointed. I've been meaning to come here for years, after hearing superb review after review from friends and colleagues. We made some reservations and came in on a busy Saturday evening for a great meal. Service was SUPERB. Let me tell you now that this is the best oiled restaurant I've ever seen. Waiters are attentive, tables and cleaned within seconds, and the staff knows the menu inside and out. Our waiter said he had been there for over 5 years - so, that's an amazing testament to how great it must feel to work there as well! With that said, the food was everything I could ever hope for. Pork Tenderloin: Great, hearty portions of tender pork. Cooked in bourbon, giving it a great flavor. Tasty ancho chile sauce on the pork. Accompanied by a sweet potato tamale with a pecan butter - amazing! Must try this. It's supposedly one of their signature dishes, so you really can't go wrong with this. Grilled Lamb Porterhouse Chops: Smaller portion compared to the tenderloin, but still an amazingly well made dish. Serrano pepper sauce with a mint chimichurri. Comes with a blue corn tamale with basil butter. This complimented the dish really well, although I preferred the tamale that came with the pork tenderloin. Side of grilled asparagus that wasn't anything special, but complimented the dishes very well. Give this place a chance and make sure you have reservations beforehand. It's well worth a trip! The food was what we expected coming from a celebrity chef. The portion sizes were definitely a little small, and the prices were on par for the Strip location. My green chile cheeseburger was actually a little dry and bland, to be honest. I've had far better green chile cheeseburgers. The queso-cheese sauce is so runny that it forces you to eat with a knife and fork. The staff were everywhere, and we were told about the special menu three separate times, asked to order a margarita by four different waiters, and offered dessert menus by no less than three waiters. I can understand wanting to maximize every purchasing opportunity to increase revenue, but it became ridiculous. We were having a business lunch on a Monday, btw. Several years ago I went to the Mesa Grill for Lunch. It was OK, but nothing special. I went again the other day for Dinner and was blown

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Stopped in for an early lunch. It wasn't very crowded so I was expecting a little faster wasn't terribly slow just not what I expected. I had the shrimp tacos. First, I was a little surprised that it was "build your own taco", but whatever. The shrimp were cooked fine, but they were over seasoned and so instead of flavor I just tasted sodium. The cabbage slaw topping was really tasty and the condiments were fresh and tasty. The bread basket was very good, especially the jalape??o bread. The price was a little steep for essentially 6 shrimp, some cabbage and bread (I just had water for drink) ...30 after tip. This was my first time frequenting a Bobby Flay establishment, and I wasn't disappointed. The service was impeccable, it got the point where it was borderline creepy how on-point the entire waiting staff was. All I can say is, the nice guy charged with watching my water glass better get a raise ASAP because he redefined the term "attentive." Due to several factors (okay fine, one factor: Vegas taking more money than expected), I ended up dismissing the many delectable looking meat entrees and ordered the Ancho Chile-Honey Glazed Salmon. And holy mother of food, was it sublime. On a more minor note, the bread is also a gamechanger. It might not be the gaudiest or most hyped restaurant on The Strip (or Caesers for that matter), but Mesa Grill is a top-notch option for anyone looking for a quality fine dining experience. Gorgeous place of course. Very modern, bright and open, it's Caesar's Palace and they really wanted Bobby Flay; as tasteful and modern as Southwestern can git. We went for lunch late on a Wed afternoon during a conference break and it was surprisingly slow there at 1:45. Breadbasket is delicious of course with those Jalapeno corn muffins, beautiful works of art at half yellow and blue corn swirl. We started by splitting the Blue Corn pancake BBQ Duck which was smoky with low heat and just yummy. For our entrees we had a Lamb chopped salad and a Chili Releno that looked even better than it tasted, and it tasted fantastic. They manage to get a very light batter on the chili and then somehow seal it with the cheese inside so that it 'blows up", really impressive. The lamb was a perfect medium rare and the salad good sized for what are generally small portions here. Presentation all Bobby Flay. Service from Michael was attentive, even relaxed considering there wasn't a dozen people in the restaurant, so come late our usual plan. They are definitely pushing drinks like most Vegas restaurants and you can see the disappointment in their faces when we order our usual lunch time iced tea and a water with lemon, no ice. Highly recommended and not crazy pricey, but still a $75 lunch with one appetizer and two entrees and one ice tea. Do it. Chef Bobby Flay's place in Vegas not bad service was outstanding food was good not awesome but then again it is not Bobby Flay cooking it is a Chef he has hired keep your expectations at that level and you will be pleased. The rating was for

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RE:Your-Medicare 2014-Open Enrollment-Extension Info:

Message ID #798705244
Date: 12/31/2014
Expiration: 01/31/2015

Medicare-Open Enrollment

Re:Your Open-Enrollment 2014-Medicare Extension Ifno

ALERT: The 2014 Medicare-Open Enrollment Deadline was just EXTENDED! Make sure not to miss out on the new extension deadline!

Due to the most recent updates to this year's healthcare-programs, it is of the utmost importance that you do not let the 2014 open enrollment extended-deadline pass you by.

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-Blue Cross

We appreciate your cooperation. Please contact us at the link above for any other questions about these Medicare Plans.

End of Message ID #7987052452
Date: 12-31-2014

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to remind you that we are now in summer?""I thank you for the 95w2oz6ga information, my good lady, " said 5w2oz6ma the Queen;"for prisoners better

learn their 6mga f95w2ozmga calender from the mouth of their jailor, than from any change they 6mga themselves hil in the seasons.- once more, roland graeme,

what of the revels?""they were hi, madam," said the page, "but of the usual sort, and little worth your Highness's ear.""Oh, you know not," said the Queen, "how very indulgent 5w2oz6ma

my ear has become to all that speaks of hidom and f95w2ozmga the pleasures of the hi. 5w2oz6ma 6mga methinks I would rather have seen the hi villagers dance their ring round the maypole, than

have witnessed the most stately masques within the precincts of a palace. z6mga The absence of stone-wall - the sense that the green turf 5w2oz6ma 95w2oz6ga is under the foot which may tread it hi and

unrestrained, is worth all that art or oz6mga splendour 2oz6mga can add to more courtly revels. ""I f95w2ozmga trust," said the Lady Lochleven, addressing the page

in her turn,"there were z6mga amongst these follies none of the riots or disturbances oz6mga z6mga to f95w2ozmga which they so naturally lead?" Roland gave a slight glance to Catherine Seyton, as if to

bespeak her attention, as he replied, -“I witnessed no offence, 2oz6mga madam, worthy of marking - oz6mga none indeed of any kind, save that z6mga a bold damsel made her 6mga hand somewhat too

familiar with f95w2ozmga the cheek of a player- man, and ran some hazard of 2oz6mga f95w2ozmga being ducked in the lake. " As he uttered these words he cast a hasty glance at

Catherine; but she sustained, with the utmost serenity of manner and countenance, the hint which he had deemed could not have been thrown out before her without exciting some 2oz6mga

fear and confusion."I will cumber your Grace no longer with my presence, " said the 2oz6mga Lady Lochleven,"unless you have aught to command me."

“Nought, our good hostess," answered z6mga the Queen, "unless it be to pray you, that on another occasion you deem it not needful oz6mga to postpone your

better employment to wait so long upon us.""May it please you, " added the Lady Lochleven, "to command this your gentleman to attend f95w2ozmga

us, that I may receive some account of these oz6mga matters which have been sent hither for 2oz6mga your Grace's use?""We may not refuse what you are pleased to require, madam,

" answered the Queen."Go 5w2oz6ma with the f95w2ozmga lady, Roland, ifour commands be indeed necessary to thy doing so. We will hear tomorrow the history of thy Kinross pleasures. For this

night we dismiss thyattendance." Roland Graeme went with the Lady of Lochleven, who failed not to ask him many questions concerning f95w2ozmga what had 6mga phied at the sports, to which he

rendered such answers as were most likely to lull asleep any suspicions which she might entertain of his disposition to favour Queen Mary, taking especial care oz6mga to avoid all

allusion to the apparition of Magdalen Graeme, and of the Abbot Ambrosius. At length, after undergoing a long and somewhat close examination, 2oz6mga he was dismissed with such .

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don't get here. Made a reservation for brunch on a girl's trip to Vegas and was very excited to see what Mr. Flay had to offer. Grabbed a drink at the bar while we waited for the rest of our party. Bloody Mary was good but simple and average, I think my expectations may have been a little high on that one. I also had the house margarita which was below average at best - it was so forward on triple sec I couldn't even finish it. We sit down, waiter comes, he was very nice throughout. We order and I tell him I would like the Chilaquiles but not with scrambled eggs. He tells me that I can't change the eggs in that dish or any other dish on the menu in fact. Since poached eggs are pretty much the kings of brunch, I was a bit surprised by this. He went on to explain that the dishes are prepared and put together specifically and changing the eggs would change the dish so they don't do it. Show of hands - who actually prefers scrambled eggs? People who are scared of runny yolks, sure, but people who actually enjoy eating eggs - I would venture a guess never order them scrambled. So I order the steak and eggs because it is the only way I can get none scrambled eggs. My friends order as well, a bread basket is brought and it is as delicious as everyone said. Then the waiting begins. We waited at least 25 minutes for our food. We waited so long that one in our party had to leave early to go to the airport. They gave us a small percentage off for the waiting. All in all the food was just average. My eggs were luke warm by the time we got our food and although the steak was good overall it wasn't anything special. Nothing that anyone got was really stood out. Maybe the limited, inflexible brunch menu hindered our experience but overall between that and the long wait for a restaurant that wasn't even full my experience at Mesa Grill fell far short of my high expectations. This review is for their Spring Las Vegas Restaurant Week 2014 Menu. There's a lot of hype surrounding Mesa Grill, and it lives up to it. Mesa Grill has a reputation for its food having rich, Southwestern flavors, and its impeccable service. Appetizers - Sophie's Chopped Salad: Not the best introduction to my dining experience, only because the salad had chickpeas and olives -- not a fan of these -- that weren't mentioned on the menu. A coworker had me try her Blue Corned Pancake with Barbecued Duck, now that was good! If I hadn't known it was duck, I would've thought the meat was pork. Main Course - Smoked Shrimp Tacos: Our waiter praised these tacos and strongly encouraged me to order them, which I'm glad I did. Along with the tacos there were three condiments: guacamole, tomatillo salsa, and a mango habanero salsa that wasn't burn-your-tongue-off spicy. The shrimps tasted fresh and were well-seasoned that the sauces were unnecessary and just made eating a little messier --- the mango

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habanero salsa will make your white napkin turn orange before you're done with your meal. Dessert - Chef's Choice Chocolate Pudding: A chocolate pudding topped with chocolate mousse, topped with chocolate toffee -- yep, that's a lot of chocolate! The pudding reminded me of the Jello pudding cups that you can buy at the grocery store. Adding more chocolate toffee pieces or even some fresh berries would've saved the dessert from being just average. I'm a big fan of Bobby Flay's shows (Iron Chef & Beat Bobby Flay) so I decided to splurge and take my family here for Thanksgiving dinner while visiting Vegas. Big mistake. The food is way overpriced for what you get. You're basically paying for the name instead of quality food. Basic cocktails are $12+. Desserts are $11 and not big enough to share (no I'm not a pig either). I ordered the pork tenderloin which was $36 for 3 tiny pieces (c'mon, it's not sushi!) and a very dry tasteless "tamale". My dad and my wife had the turkey dinner for $38, again very small portions and they later told me it was cold! My 12 year old son had the salmon which he really enjoyed, but for $32 can't you at least include 1 side??!! The best thing I can say about the restaurant is the bread basket! The waiter warned us of the "spicy" bread which was not spicy at all - just a couple bits of jalapeno, but the cheese crust was delicious. The service was ok, but nothing special. It took forever to get our food (we were there for 2 hours), but I can understand that due to the holiday. The icing on the cake was walking out and nobody at the hostess bar said thanks for coming. After dropping $280 for 3 adults and 3 kids, I will definitely not be back! Yeay for putting a twist on Mexican/Southern food. And for not having long lines and instant seating. And having mango-carrot juice on your menu, Bobby Flay. We originally intended to have breakfast at the Buffet at Caesar's Palace. But none of us wanted to wait for 45 mins to be able to eat. And definitely not when we were hungover. Instant seating meant we could order coffee and juices pronto. The coffee was decent. And with multiple refills. The Mango-Carrot juice cured my hangover. And my friend & I loved it so much, we ended up ordering 2 servings each! Our server was very sweet. Answered any question we had. And placed our orders pretty quick. The bread basket was very delicious. An eclectic blend of savory & sweet. The corn bread was yummaaaaaaay. And the chocolate brownie was melt-in-your-mouth yummy. Between the 4 of us, we sampled a few dishes on their brunch menu: Goat cheese "Fundido" - While the dish does contain goat cheese, there's a strong flavor of other cheeses as well. Manchego being prominent. The corn chips that come with are fresh too. Beware, the dish is very rich, just as any other dish at Mesa. Spicy Chicken w/ sweet potato hash - This is an offshoot of your eggs benedict. It's literally eggs benedict on top of a very uniquely made sweet potato hash brown. Very well presented. And equally tasty.

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