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[54] BOOK I: ANALYTIC OF CONCEPTS? By Analytic of concepts I do not understand their analysis, or the ordinary process in philosophical disquisitions of dissecting any given concepts according to their contents, and thus rendering them more distinct; but a hitherto seldom attempted dissection of the faculty of the understanding itself, with the sole object of discovering the possibility of concepts a priori, by looking for them nowhere but in the understanding itself [66] as their birthplace, and analysing the pure use of the understanding. This is the proper task of a transcendental philosophy, all the rest is mere logical treatment of concepts. We shall therefore follow up the pure concepts to their first germs and beginnings in the human understanding, in which they lie prepared, till at last, on the occasion of experience, they become developed, and are represented by the same understanding in their full purity, hid from all inherent empirical conditions. [55] CHAPTER I: METHOD OF DISCOVERING ALL PURE CONCEPTS OF THE UNDERSTANDING?

When we watch any faculty of knowledge, different concepts, characteristic of that faculty, manifest themselves according to different circumstances, which, as the observation has been carried on for a longer or shorter time, or with more or less accuracy, may be gathered up into a more or less complete collection. Where this collection will be complete, it is impossible to say beforehand, when we follow this almost mechanical process. Concepts thus discovered fortuitously only, possess neither order nor systematic unity, but [67] are paired in the end according to similarities, and, according to their contents, arranged as more or less complex in various series, which are nothing less than systematical, though

to a certain extent put together methodically. Transcendental philosophy has the advantage, but also the duty of discovering its concepts according to a fixed principle. As they spring pure and unmixed from the understanding as an absolute unity, they must be connected with each other, according to one concept or idea. This connection supplies us at the same time with a rule, according to which the place of each pure concept of the understanding and the systematical completeness [56] of all of them can be determined a priori, instead of being dependent on arbitrary choice or chance. Section I: Of the Logical Use of the Understanding in General?

We have before defined the understanding negatively only, as anon-sensuous faculty of knowledge. As without sensibility we cannot have anyintuition, [68] it is clear that the understanding is not a faculty of intuition. Besides intuition, however, there is no other kind of knowledge except by means of concepts. The knowledgetherefore of every understanding, or at least of the human understanding, must be by means of concepts,not intuitive, but discursive. All intuitions, being sensuous, depend on affections,concepts on functions. By this functionI mean the unity of the act of arranging different representations under one common representation. Concepts are based therefore on the spontaneity of thought, sensuous intuitions on the receptivity of impressions. The only use which the understanding can make of these concepts is to form judgments by them. As no representation, except the intuitional, refers immediately to an object, no concept is ever referred to an object immediately, but to some other representation of it, whether it be an intuition, or itself a concept. A judgment is therefore a mediate knowledge of an object, or a representation .

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sensibility a priori, supplied by transcendental [77] æsthetic as the material for the concepts of the pure understanding, without which those concepts would be without any contents, therefore entirely empty. It is truethat space and time contain whatis manifold in the pure intuition a priori, but they belong also to the conditions of the receptivity of our mind under which alone it can receive representations of objects, and which therefore must affect the concepts of them also. The spontaneity of our thought requires that what is manifold in the pure intuition should first

be in a certain way examined, received, and connected, in order to produce a knowledge of it. This act I call synthesis. In its most general sense, I understand by synthesis the act of arranging different representations together, and of comprehending what is manifold in them under one form of knowledge. Such a synthesis is pure, if the manifold is not given empirically, but a priori (as in time and space). Before we can proceed to an analysis of our representations, these must first be given, and, as far as their contents are concerned, no concepts can arise analytically. Knowledge is first produced by the synthesis of what is manifold (whether given empirically or a priori). That knowledge may at first be crude and confused and in need of analysis, but it is synthesis which really collects the elements of knowledge, and unites them to a certain extent. It is therefore the first thing which we [78] have to

consider, if we want to form an opinion on the first origin of our knowledge. We shall see hereafter that synthesis in general is the mere result of what I call the faculty of imagination, a blind but indispensable function of the soul, without [65] which we should have no knowledge whatsoever, but of the existence of which we are scarcely conscious. But to reduce this synthesis to concepts is a function that belongs to the understanding, and

by which the understanding supplies us for the first time with knowledge properly so called. Pure synthesis in its most general meaning gives us the pure concept of the understanding. By this pure synthesis I mean that which rests on the foundation of what I call synthetical unity a priori. Thus our counting (as we best perceive when dealing with higher numbers) is a synthesis according to concepts, because resting on a common ground of unity, as for instance,

the decade. The unity of the synthesis of the manifold becomes necessary under this concept. By means of analysis different representations are brought under one concept, a task treated of in general logic; but how to bring, not the representations, but the pure synthesis of representations, under concepts, that is what transcendental logic means to teach.The first that must be given us a priori for the sake ofknowledge of all objects, is the manifold in pure intuition. The second is, the synthesis of the manifold by means of [79] imagination. But this does not yet produce true knowledge. The conceptswhich impart unity to this pure synthesis and consist entirely in the representation of this necessary synthetical unity,add the third

contribution towards the knowledge of anobject, and rest on the understanding. The samefunction which imparts unity to various representations in one judgment imparts unity likewise tothe mere synthesis of various representations in one intuition, [66] whichin a general way may be called the pure concept of the understanding. The same understanding, and by the same operations by which in concepts it achieves through analytical unity .

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possible knowledge with regard to the existence of the world, while all together occupy the whole sphere. To take away the knowledge from one of these spheres is the same as to place it into one of the other spheres, and to place it in one sphere is the same as to take it away from the others. There exists therefore in disjunctive judgments a certain community of the different divisions of knowledge, so that they mutually exclude each other, and yet thereby determine in their totality the true knowledge, because, if taken together, they constitute the whole contents of one given knowledge.

This is all [62] I have to observe here for the sakeof what is to follow hereafter.4. The modality of judgments is a very peculiar function, for it contributes nothing to the contents of a judgment (because, besides quantity, quality, and relation, there is nothing else that could constitute the contents of a judgment), but refers only to the nature of the copula in relation to thought in general. Problematical judgments are those in which affirmation or negation are taken as possible (optional) only, while in hiertory judgments affirmation or negation is taken as real (true), in apodictic as necessary.1 Thus the two judgments, [75] the relation of which constitutes the hypothetical judgment (antecedens et consequens) and likewise the judgmentsthe reciprocal relation of which formsthe disjunctive judgment (members of subdivision), are always problematical only. In the example given above, the proposition, there exists a perfect justice, is not made as an hiertory, but only as an optional judgment, which may be accepted or not, the consequence only being hiertory. it is clear therefore that some of these judgments may be wrong, and may yet, if taken problematically, contain the conditions of the knowledge of truth. Thus, in our disjunctive judgment, one of its component judgments, namely, the world exists by blind chance, has a problematical meaning only, on the supposition that some one might for one moment take such a view, but serves, atthe same time, like the indication of a false road among all the roads that might be taken, to findout the true one. [63] The problematical proposition is therefore that whichexpresses logical (not objective) possibility only, that is, ahi choice of admitting such a proposition, and a purely optional admission of it into the understanding. the hiertory proposition implies logical reality or truth. Thus, for instance, in a hypotheticalsyllogism the antecedens in the major is problematical, in the [76]minor hiertory, showing that the proposition conforms to the understanding according to its laws. The apodictic proposition represents the hiertory as determined by these very laws of the understanding, and therefore as hierting a priori, and thus expresses logical necessity. As in this way everything is arranged step by step in the understanding, inasmuch as we begin with judging problematically, then proceed to an hiertory acceptation, and finally maintain our proposition as inseparably united with the understanding, that is as necessary and apodictic, we may be allowed to call these three functions of modality so many varieties or momenta of thought. Section III: Of the Pure Concepts of the Understanding, or of the

Categories? General logic, as we have often said, takes no account of the contents of our knowledge, but expects that representations will come from elsewhere in order to be turned into concepts by an analytical process. Transcendental logic, on the contrary, has before it the manifold contents [64] of .

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