Friday, October 30, 2009

Why We Speak in Different Language?

Why We Speak in Different Language?

There are two special guys studying Taiji in the park, both them understand little Chinese, one guy comes from the United States, the other from Hongkong. The Hongkong man can speak in Guangdong language, but he could not understand what we say in Putonghua.

When Shifu teaches some action or trick, the two guys need others' help to understand the meaning, fortunately there are several people can speak in English, they could tell them the meaning or translate all the words. An old man, we call him Xiong Shifu or little bear, have studied here one year more, he knows both Guangdong language and common language.

Seems an interesting phenomenon. I remember that i talked with an old man who spoken the local patois in Zhejiang, China in the railway station, i spoke in Putonghua, he understood what i said, but when he said in his dialect, i don't know instead, finally we talk in English that we were not good at. It's really interesting. Almost every language in the world has dialect, I only know Queen's English. Can i travel the world easily just by speaking English?
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Thursday, October 29, 2009

The Mirror to The Sky

The Mirror to The Sky, 

Please look these photos first just for a moment, today i will show u the largest mirror in the earth, yeah, the Sky Mirror.

I knew the asphyxial place from this link, an Japanese ad video in a Chinese video website. It's to be said like heaven. And then i got the similar video link on Youtobe.

I was shocked to the videos above, and could say in no word. Oh, God bless me! Is that true? Is it a really place? Is anyone went there before? Yes, It seams Heaven. Continue to enjoy the top link in the post. Crazy place, all white, all salt!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

New Equipment of My PC

New Equipment of My PC

It's October now, and the November will come soon. In my crowded room, i must sit on my bed to read and write with my ThinkPad R50, yes, it's an old computer now, but it's great, it's the world for me.

In order to use the PC more cozily, i bought a desk which could stand on the bed, especially designed for using computer. It's folding desk, with retractable legs, and it's made of bamboo. It seems wonderful.

I spent seventy-five Yuan on it, about $10. Here is the link, one of the businessman web pages, i just want u to know the desk. I will tell u more about the bamboo desk on my narrow bed.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Photo Trip to Vancouver

Photo Trip to Vancouver

Vancouver "is a coastal city and major seaport located in the Lower Mainland of southwestern British Columbia, Canada."(via wikipedia)

"VANCOUVER TRIP": A lot of pictures about the city of Vancouver, the Granville Island, Stanley Park, Gastown Steam Clock, Capilano Suspension Bridge, Grouse Mountain, also photos shot with her friends, and beautiful views there.

"Vancouver trip: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly": It's a long post, but with detailed words and nicer photos. Many photos about planes, because the author is an aviation nerd. It's easy to know the good thing is the Vancouver is a wonderful city, they enjoyed many sights and good eats, and the bad thing is that his wife could stay longer but his visit was too brief, he wished to stay longer too. What's the ugly thing, u must read it yourself :)

"Vancouver Picture Closeout": several photos shared by a strong and fun man, about the Gastown area, funny pictures and really a interesting person.

How to Manage My Time

How to Manage My Time

I haven't updated for nearly four days, my last post is "Road Trip to Chicago" written in October 21. Though i didn't go out for work these days, i had no time to read more English posts with the search engine. Where was my time, who stole my time away?

I spent two hours in the park to study Taiji Quan with Zhang Shifu(Master Zhang) in the morning, usually from half past nine to 12 am, and took two hours from 3:30 pm to 5:30 pm again to practice. These days I got up at about 7:30 am, and went to bed at about ten thirty at night.  Seemed that i still had lots of time to read and write, but i didn't got. The time didn't belong to me, but where was the owner?

I went to solve this problem, i just read something about time, manage time. One book named "Take the time as friend(把时间当做朋友)" was written by Xiaolai Li, i am reading this book recently, and try to manage my time reasonably. I can't promise, but i will do my best.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Road Trip to Chicago

Road Trip to Chicago

Road trip in China means u must have more money, more free time, and what i don't know now. The toll-gates on the highway is the greedy snakes, u may cost great money to them, the charge may outstrip the money that spend on petrol. More free time means that common people in China don't often travel, they stay with family, work, even weekend as usual. Especially in holidays, people may go ti the suburban district with families and friends, but if they go to the other city, the train is the first choice.

"Brody's First Road Trip-Chicago!": The couple with their little baby Brody drove to their old stomping ground, the city of Chicago. The post contains lots of photos, shot with their friends. They visited the childhood friend, met the typical Chicago traffic. The man was taken to the race track in Jolette IL to race, they went out to the bar and had a typical Chicago style, it was said that this "a city that doesn't go to bed until way after 3am". At the end they back to Minneapolis with the bad traffic. Still a great fun trip.

"Road Trip! Chicago": they went to the Museum of Science and Industry, and visited for free. Had their lunch with friend at the Puerco en Mole Coloradito, they met a famous person Rick Bayless, who is a chef in Chicago known for Mexican/Spanish influenced dishes. The author gave up the opportunity taking a picture with him. There are some delicious food's photos in the post, and a comment talking about free parking near the museum.

I think that it would be great for me to travel the city Chicago by bike someday, wish it  become soon. But if i live nearby once, i will drive to there too.

Monday, October 19, 2009

A Day in Chicago

A Day in Chicago

The city of Chicago, the Windy City, is the largest city in the Illinois state, and the third largest city in the United States.  Let's read something about one day life from the people who lived there.

"A Day in Sweet Home Chicago": posted by a mother, with her lovely child's photos. First she got the handsome kid from preschool, then off to the Greek printer's for the girls' baptism. After that they went to "Barba Yiannis in Lincoln Square" and went home, the photos shot on the way.
"Myyyyy Kind Of Town, Chicago Is....": also posted by the same blogger, but not about one day life, it's talking about the "miserable" city, with high taxes, corruption, the weather sucks, the "long commutes". Looks like they don't want to live there anymore, the woman said "This is a pivotal year for us and we may just find ourselves leaving the third most miserable place to live. We'll see.".

I got two day-life post one hour ago, but one was written by a passer, so just one "A Day in Chicago". I can't comment to Arizona's post for the network reason. Sorry, When i can reach my blog directly, i will comment under your post. Thanks!
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Windy City

Windy City

It's windy here these days, sometime light, sometime strong. The wind was so powerful that it destroyed many trees in the park last night, the broken branches could been seen everywhere. The winds in Beijing are famous both in Spring and Autumn, the two short seasons, also the two beautiful seasons.

but the Windy City is not Beijing or Peking, it's Chicago, the city's mostly widely nickname. Why people call the city of Chicago with this nickname, may here is the answer: "the weather, as Chicago is near Lake Michigan; the World's Fair; and the rivalry with Cincinnati", this link tells more about "the earliest known reference" too.

I want to get some articles of traveling in Chicago, so i could know more about the city, but not now, please view the pictures from google image of Chicago first, trips to the windy city will be shown later.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

How I Travel Nets

How I Travel Nets


It's quite different for me to travel over the net, because i'm in China. I can't visit the directly, also many sites out of the mainland. When i want to get in my blog, i must connect with proxy servers, proxy tools, or through some online proxy sites. 


There is a wall stood there, the Great Fire Wall.


But how could i read and write without proxy? I use the search engine, like google,,, search and read the cached page, and then write some something in Gmail or in Google docs. Thanks to the and google, I could read and write, travel around over the nets.


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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

I haven't updated for a few days, one...

Problem with my Computer


I haven't updated for a few days, and my pc's desktop system has broken, i just could not help reading under the terminal, and explored the internet by using w3m.  I had removed the desktop "gnome" and "xfce" on my computer impetuously, then gnome or xfce can't be installed for several reason, and i can't resolve this problem now. Perhaps i will try to correct the issue and return to xubuntu-desktop, or will find a new desktop for my computer under the system of Ubuntu, and or will install new system withe Ubuntu 9.10.


If u have good idea to deal with this, please make me know. Thank you. XD.


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Monday, October 12, 2009

Town of Kasab

Kasab is a "Syrian border town located in Latakia Governorate (Muhafazat al Ladhiqiyah) north west of the country", "belongs to Latakia District (Arabic for Latakia district); one of the governorate's four Manatiq", is "at 800 meters above sea level in the middle of a dense coniferous Mediterranean forest", "is 65 kilometers from Latakia, 3 kilometers from the Turkish border, and 17 kilometers from the Mediterranean sea."
Kasab is an ancient Armenian town, over 1000 years old.

"Kasab Trip" on plentiful photos from Mazen Haffar, about mountain, ocean, sunrise or sunset, setting sail into the blue, seamed a great trip there.

"A Trip to the Mountain": they drove a Korean-made car, and twisted on the mountain road, they stopped for a while, felt the "absolute silence fell upon" them. The author's eyes "blinked incontrollably" to "adjust to a view so overwhelmed with colors", also the gorgeous sunrise. Then he talked about the strange senses by the wilderness. It is "a picture so calm it’s almost frozen in time and place, yet it’s so alive it could erupt in revolt without notice." This article is a bit little difficult to me to understand, it like a prose, so you'd better read it and sense it directly.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Visiting Glasgow

Visiting Glasgow

I said in my last post, i would show something different from museum trips in Glasgow, now it's quite different travel.

"Glasgow格拉斯哥(2) 逛市場": The author said that it is the best way to close the city by traipsing in the markets, so she had shot while traipsed in one of the biggest and olddest market in Glasgow, as a young girl it was a wonderful travel in the market. We can follow her steps marketing on flickr.

"A Note on Glasgow":  strangest place the writer had visited, people "talks like they have a mouth full of haggis", and the city "has a great vibe". But at dusk the city became "feral and intimidating", young men prowled in the street, and the bar with punching machine. Though, it's a lovely city again next day.

"Life in Glasgow": Several pictures in the post, about the outside and inside of the hotel that the writer lived in, the subway, and and just these photos.

Friday, October 9, 2009



"Nietzsche's Wee Trip to Glasgow (written by Nietzsche, translated by Ceri Jones)": A philosopher's wee trip to the important city in Scotland. First a suitably arduous train journey to the fair city of Glasgow, and the first evening tasted the best of the city's beers and a sumptuous meal. The second day traveled to St Mungos and the People's Palace Museum. Visited to the Kelvingrove Museum and Art Gallery, then the Museum of Transport, and the Glasgow School of Art and Bellow at Saturday. On Sunday they made their way to a hilltop cemetery overlooking the city, appreciated the magnificent views. In short, fun museum trip to Glasgow.

"Glasgow Trip Part I": A long post with a lot of pictures, the subway they took, the Mackintosh House with nude portrait, the University of Glasgow's Red Telephone Booth, the Hunterian Museum, and the statue of ISAAC NEWTON, and it's really long article showed in purple words.

Glasgow is the largest city in Scotland, but the two posts above all talk about the museum or the university. Are there some special trips to the third most populous city in the United Kingdom? May be in my next post.

Unbelievable Place, Havasu Falls

Unbelievable Place, Havasu Falls

What's a magic picture of the Havasu Falls, view here.

"Havasu falls: continued": The post begins with shot of a new waterfall caused by the flood, then the Havasu Falls, and Mooney Falls, at last referred to their "great trip" summarily.

"Where the Wild Things Are: Havasu Falls": Hiking in the dark was so great, the author told things not to do, and things should do of hike. During the hiking, they tackled the cliff,  reached the brighter blue water, unreal place, like he said "it’s something out of a Lost Boys Neverland fantasy, a lagoon-like world where all the words you know for colors seem suddenly inadequate", you can swim in the water, the waterfall is "the ultimate childhood fantasy".

So great place. Appreciate many amazing beautiful photos of the falls by Google Image Search or on flickr, to read more about the falls on wikipedia, even Havasupai.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Recent Trips to Berlin

"Berlin Trip": First following a photographer, he showed his especial photo trip, Brandenburg gate, posters, several people, Government building, etc.
"Recent trip to Berlin": A weekend trip to Berlin by Amanda, she liked Science Fiction but buried in a thriller, she posted two pictures of the best ice cream and a cute plane made of soft lead from the Hamburgerbahnhof gallery.
"My trip to Berlin, Germany": Exactly describing his trip with concrete number of money, the tel number of their hotel and the cafe where they had dinner. It may be great useful to people who want to travel the city recently.
"Trip to Berlin": Visiting to the Berlin Wall, the author showed her favorite awesome artworks on the wall.

If u have lots of time to kill, enjoy a wonderful photo trip to Berlin on


Berlin is the capital city of Germany. Berlin also is the largest city and one of sixteen  states of Germany, and is a major center of culture, politics, media, and science in Europe. Read more and more here.

"Berlin Trip": "History is everywhere in Berlin", the article begins with the Berlin Wall, after that the Checkpoint Charlie, the author said "it was a good opportunity to feel a little bit of history of a separated Germany", then the history of holocaust, discussion of Holocaust Memorial. He said he like the  Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church, they walked down the Brandenburg Gate one evening. It's really a history trip, a history city.

"A city in 140 symbols: Berlin": Special Special post, I'm not sure whether he described his tip with these little words. But it's about Berlin, and the city is comfortable for living.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

The Berlin Wall

The Berlin Wall(German: Berliner Mauer), "In 1961, the East Berlin communists built a wall to keep their oppressed citizens from escaping to West Berlin and freedom.". The wall had fallen down in the evening of November 9th, 1989. If u are interested in this, read more here and here.

"The Berlin Wall": only 5 photos were posted by the author with no words there.

"ruminations on berlin.": When the author crossed the Checkpoint Charlie, he just walked through, but his parents and his sister crossed from east Berlin to west Berlin twenty-nine years ago was another situation. If u read this article, please notice the bolder words.

If i went to Berlin, the wall must be calculated first.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Rocky Mountain National Park

The Rocky Mountain National Park "is located northwest of Boulder, Colorado in the Rockies, and includes the Continental Divide and the headwaters of the Colorado River". The park contains various views: the incredible mountain, the gorgeous lake, the wooded forest. The "Rocky Mountains" means to many things, so i just want to relate some articles about the Rocky Mountain National Park here.

"Rocky Mountain National Park Images": Yes, Photos of mountain, forest, wild lives were shot during their hiking in a "Warm, sunny, cloudless blue sky" day.

"[Rocky Mountain NP] Sheep Meadow, Fall Rut, 王者現身", "[Rocky Mountain NP] Bear Lake": Two posts, written in Chinese, talk about the fall and the Bear Lake in the park. Although the posts was written in Chinese, we can appreciate the photos of Fall Rut and Bear Lake easy. BTW, the author wrote a lot of entries about this park, If u have interest in this, so enjoy those photos.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Mohonk Mountain House

People are all photographers while traveling. Today there are three trips to Mohnok Mountain House, All of posts are a lot of photos with little words, it may be said as "A Picture Paints a Thousand Words" or "A picture is worth a thousand words".

"Purple garden, Mohonk": The garden theme of the Monnk Mountain House is "dark and stormy" this year, so there are lots of purple and dark reds.

"The Mohonk Mountain House", "Mohonk continued": Two posts about there vacation at the house, in the first they focused their attention on the mysterious trees, and in the second photos about lake, quay, little stone cabin, the dark red garden, etc.

"Anniversary Trip To Mohonk Mountain House": Each photo with detailed explanation to show the romantic place also their their favorite place. The mountain house, the lake surrounding, the Lily Pond, lots of pretty spots.

"The Mohonk Mountain House also known as Lake Mohonk Mountain House, is a historic American resort hotel located on the Shawangunk Ridge in Ulster County, New York. Its prominent location in the town of New Paltz is just beyond the southern border of the Catskill Mountains on the western side of the Hudson River. Two important policy conferences of domestic and international significance have taken place at the hotel." via wikipedia.