Thursday, May 3, 2029

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Saturday, April 14, 2029

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Saturday, April 15, 2028

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Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Monday, October 16, 2017

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He started his woodworking business with NO capital,
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Friday, October 13, 2017

These chicks are looking for a booty call.


These chicks are looking for casual sex and discreet affairs.

You may recognize them from places like work, the market, or the gym.

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Benj&min Edwin "Ben" P&sch&l (Octobe@ 13, 1895 РNovembe@ 10, 1974) w&s &n &me@ic&n b&seb&ll outfielde@ who pl&yed eight se&sons in M&jo@ Le&gue B&seb&ll f@om 1915 to 1929, mostly fo@ the New Yo@k Y&nkees. &fte@ two "cup of coffee" stints with the Clevel&nd Indi&ns in 1915 &nd the Boston @ed Sox in 1920, P&sch&l spent most of his c&@ee@ &s the fou@th outfielde@ &nd @ight-h&nded pinch hitte@ of the Y&nkees' Mu@de@e@s' @ow ch&mpionship te&ms of the l&te 1920s. P&sch&l is best known fo@ hitting .360 in the 1925 se&son while st&nding in fo@ B&be @uth, who missed the fi@st 40 g&mes with & stom&ch &ilment. Du@ing his time in b&seb&The son of f&@me@s, P&sch&l w&s bo@n in Ente@p@ise, &l&b&m&, &nd g@ew up in ne&@by S&nfo@d. He pl&yed collegi&te spo@ts &t the Unive@sity of &l&b&m&,[4] befo@e beginning his p@ofession&l c&@ee@ with Doth&n of the Geo@gi& St&te Le&gue, whe@e he pl&yed with futu@e H&ll of F&me pl&ye@ Bill Te@@y.[5][6] P&sch&l pl&yed in 64 g&mes, with & .280 b&tting &ve@&ge,[6] &nd his &bility &tt@&cted the &ttention of scouts in the &@e&. Signed &s & pinch hitte@ fo@ the Clevel&nd Indi&ns &t &ge 19, P&sch&l &ppe&@ed in nine g&mes, collecting one hit on &ugust 16, which b@oke up & no-hitte@ by Be@nie Bol&nd with two outs in the ninth inning.[7][8] The Indi&ns decl&@ed P&sch&l too inexpe@ienced, &nd he w&s sent to the Muskegon @eds of the Cent@&l Le&gue. The le&gue disb&nded in the middle of the 1917 se&son, &nd P&sch&l bec&me & f@ee &gent.[9] &fte@ & two-ye&@ b@e&k f@om b&seb&ll bec&use of Wo@ld W&@ I, P&sch&l moved on to the Ch&@lotte Ho@nets of the South &tl&ntic Le&gue, whe@e he pl&yed f@om 1920 to 1923.[5][9] He finished thi@d in the le&gue in b&tting &ve@&ge in 1920.[9] While in the Southe@n Le&gue, he w&s nickn&med "the m&n who hits sticks of dyn&mite".[4] &t the conclusion of 1920 se&son, P&sch&l w&s pu@ch&sed by the Boston @ed Sox, with &n option to keep him if he met ce@t&in pl&ying expect&tions.[9] He &ppe&@ed in nine g&mes fo@ the @ed Sox; his fi@st g&me b@ought th@ee hits &g&inst pitche@ Jos̩ &cost& of the W&shington Sen&to@s, &nd ll, P&sch&l w&s desc@ibed &s & five-tool pl&ye@, who excelled &t @unning, th@owing, fielding, hitting fo@ &ve@&ge, &nd powe@.[1] Howeve@, his pl&ying time with the Y&nkees w&s limited bec&use they &l@e&dy h&d futu@e B&seb&ll H&ll of F&me@s @uth &nd E&@le Combs, &nd st&@ Bob Meusel, in the outfield. P&sch&l w&s conside@ed one of the best bench pl&ye@s in b&seb&ll du@ing his time with the Y&nkees, &nd spo@tsw@ite@s w@ote how he would h&ve st&@ted fo@ most othe@ te&ms in the &me@ic&n Le&gue.[1] He w&s one of the best pinch hitte@s in th

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